Traditional Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient therapy which may promote relaxation, self-healing, and a reduction in pain.  By working specific points on the feet or hands, the body can be encouraged to begin the process of self-healing by stimulating and encouraging the body's systems – respiratory, circulatory, digestive and excretory, skeletal, muscular, endocrine, integumentary, immune and lymphatic, nervous, reproductive, renal and urinary  – to rebalance and harmonise.

Reflexology is excellent for regularising the endocrine (hormonal) system and supporting the bowels. It is also the perfect treatment for relieving blocked sinuses and headaches. Many clients have remarked that they leave the treatment room feeling much more relaxed and that they sleep particularly well for a couple of nights after a reflexology treatment.

Reflexology may be helpful with the following conditions, although I would advise that you seek medical guidance if your symptoms are undiagnosed:

* Arthritis  * Asthma  * Eczema  * Chronic fatigue  * Fibromyalgia  * ME  * Sinus problems  * Migraines  * Tension headaches  * Muscular tension

* Aches and pains  * Premenstrual Syndrome  * Irregular periods  * Menorrhagia (heavy periods)  * Menorrhea (no periods)  * Skin conditions

Don't worry if you haven't got 'perfect' feet - who has? All I ask is, if possible, you give them a wash before you come along but if you can't it's not a problem, as I will cleanse them at the beginning of the session.  Unfortunately, if you have a verruca, athletes’ foot or a fungal nail infection, I will not be able to carry out Reflexology but other therapies will be okay as long your feet are kept covered.

Treatment duration and cost:

45 mins - £50.00

60 mins - £55.00

Please allow 10 minutes longer than your 'hands on' time for each session.