Pregnancy Massage

A pregnancy massage can help reduce muscular tension, stress and anxiety by relaxing the body and mind.  This wonderfully relaxing treatment is carried out with you lying on your side bolstered by soft, comfortable pillows. The emphasis is on relaxation but be assured, if you have aches and pains I can also help with them.

Massage during pregnancy has many benefits, such as:

* May improve your quality of sleep.  Many clients sleep during the massage and report back that they have had a good night's sleep after their treatment.

* Muscular tension in the upper back, shoulders, lower back and hips can be eased.

* Improves blood circulation and distributes essential nutrients and fluid to all vital organs of the body including the placenta.

* As your body relaxes your heart rate slows which can help lower blood pressure.

* Stimulates lymphatic drainage, this in turn may help reduce oedema (swelling) which can be a contributory factor in carpal tunnel and tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Please allow 90 minutes for the pregnancy massage session - £65

This time allows for a consultation (at each appointment), a 75 minute massage and aftercare.