Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage combines a slow Swedish massage with therapeutic essentials oils mixed in to a base oil that will nourish your skin and leave you feeling amazing.

Essential oils are created from highly concentrated plant extracts and each has its own unique smell and property. Each oil is categorised into a 'top', 'middle' or 'bottom' note:

  • Top notes are lighter and tend to be energising.
  • The scent of a middle note lingers longer and these can be good for respiratory and digestive issues.
  • Base notes have a deeper, richer scent and can linger for two to three days; these oils are particularly soothing and excellent for emotional issues.

At the beginning of your session you will choose your unique mix and then the massage begins. The warm oils penetrate your skin to condition and protect, whilst the aroma from the essential oils can induce sleep, refresh your mind and help re-balance your emotions.

An aromatherapy massage is truly indulgent. Allow your mind to drift away as your blend of oils is worked in to your body to help you heal and relax.

60 minute session - £60

Additional time can be added to the treatment at £10 per 15 minutes

Please allow 10 minutes longer than your 'hands on' time for each session